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Terms and Conditions

1. Prices and Services

All prices stated on this website are in Euros and include all indirect taxes (VAT) and service charges. All services with their corresponding prices depend on their availability and have to be confirmed by Senhorita on Tour upon tour/activity confirmation.


2. Payments

Payments need to be in Euros (€). Senhorita on Tour accepts payments via PayPal and cash. Only services that have been fully pre-paid are considered as confirmed by Senhorita On Tour. Exceptions apply, when previously agreed by Senhorita on Tour. All extra services not contracted and produced during the experience, like extra drinks and food at restaurants and degustation, entrances etc. need to be paid on the spot directly to the supplier. No balances will be left outstanding at any time.


3. Deposits

Senhorita on Tour requires payment of the total amount of 100% in order to book a tour or activity. The final payment has to be done at least 2 days before the booked tour starts. Otherwise Senhorita on Tour will cancel the reservation. Senhorita on Tour is unable to offer any services that are not fully pre-paid. Exceptions apply, when previously agreed by Senhorita on Tour.


4. Cancellation

Bookings can be revoked within 10 working days from the date of purchase upon written notice, without explanation or in a case of emergency 48 hours in advance. In this case, the paid amount will be returned to the buyer immediately and in full, deducting expenses. From then on, no revocation or cancellation is possible anymore and Senhorita on Tour keeps all payments, which are already made.

The right of cancellation extinguishes during this 10-days-cancellation period if Senhorita on Tour has already started with the accomplishment of the purchased tour according to the buyer's instructions, or if the purchased tour has already been carried out.

Once the final date and time for a purchased tour is fixed, it can only on voluntary base be revised in accord with Senhorita on Tour. No legal rights for accomplishment on a different date and time can appear in this situation.


5. Insurances

Senhorita on Tour has no insurance for the customers during the tours, but we recommend the subscription to travel/accident insurances, in order to protect them.


6. Behaviour

Senhorita on Tour requires its customers to behave in a correct and civilized way. Failure to do so will lead to immediate exclusion from the tour without refund. In this situation, Senhorita on Tour takes no responsibility for any monetary loss.


For more information, please contact me.

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