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Welcome to my lovely Lisbon!

No matter if it's your first time or you've already visited Lisbon many times... with Senhorita on Tour you are going to discover new places and meet friendly local people.

You will get the best tips and visit the most delicious restaurants, the coolest bars, breath taking viewpoints, best dance clubs, the "must see" attractions, where locals meet and all the hidden corners of this beautiful city. A variety of emotions, tastes and experiences that stimulate all your 5 senses.

What can you expect?


Customised tours in small groups (max. 8 people, bigger groups only on special request) paying attention to the interests of each guest. No mass tourism!


I provide and recommend only services and activities that I have personally tested. Things that I really like and

would also recommend to my friends.



It's my pleasure to create an individual package for you.

There are (nearly) no limits and my mission statement is:

The blue sky of Lisbon is the limit!

Feel free to contact me if you need more information or assistance in how to organize your next visit to Lisbon.

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