What makes us different

Recommendations by friends and tailor-made trips with unique experiences in one of the most exciting and preferred destinations worldwide, Lisbon.


We offer many different tours in small groups (max. 8 people, bigger groups only on special request), created by our team in order to show the city in the most unique way, paying attention to the interests of each visitor. 



Our tour guides are locals and native speaking in many different languages as: russian, spanish, english,  french, german, portuguese, ucrainian, italian and swiss-german.



We provide and recommend only selected services and activities in Lisbon and make sure that your special needs will be satisfied. That is why our team is accessible 24 hours for any case of emergency. 



Senhorita On Tour strives to fulfill every guest's wish, therefore, it’s a pleasure for us to create an individual package for you to choose. We have no limits and our mission statement is:

The sky is the limit... in Lisbon!