Save time and money and explore the best of Lisbon

I selected the most useful tickets that you will need in Lisbon for an easy transport and to safe money.


If you need more information, I'm glad to help you.

► The most important tickets and cards that help you to enjoy the city


(If you like visiting lot of museums)


- Free entry to more than 26 museums & attractions


- Special offers in restaurants, shops, and other venues


- Unlimited free travel by bus, metro, tram and elevadores


- Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-day options


     (public transport card)


    - Electronic and reloadable card, especially for non-frequent customers.


    - Can be purchased/loaded directly from the Ticket Vending Machines.


    - Keep the purchase/load receipt with your card 


    - Costs 0.50€ and can be reloaded unlimited

► These are the official prices. Senhorita On Tour doesn't add extra charges.

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