► Mobility in 2, 3 or 4 wheels and respecting the environment.
To feel free, ride like the wind!

Did you know that Barcelona is the city in all Europe with more  motorcycles and scooters on the streets?


Find out why... and move like the "motorized" locals.

Do you need a transfer to your hotel or back to the airport? We can help you!

All services and all destinations, easy and fast.

Transfer from/to the Airport:

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We know your time is precious, even on vacation .... use a two-wheeled transportation in town or a four-wheeled vehicle to travel out of town, is the best option to move freely schedules. We put at your disposal a wide variety of electric, hybrid or gasoline vehicles to get around during your stay in Barcelona and surroundings.

Rent 2 or 4 wheels

Live an adventure renting a Vespa or make your trip with a car

Rent a Vespa or Rent a Car

Discover the adventure with the pedal vehiclels. A fun for the whole family

The simple fun

The electric vehicles to rent. Maxima fun with minimal effort.

The electric power

Electric Scooters

Time & Price:

1 Hour       -   10 Euros

2 Hours     -   15 Euros

3 Huors     -   20 Euros

Half day    -   25 Euros

1 day        -   35 Euros

Renault Twizy

Time & Price:

1 Hour       -   35 Euros

2 Hours     -   45 Euros

3 Huors     -   50 Euros

Half day    -   60 Euros

1 day        -   80 Euros

Bikes & eBikes

Time & Price:

1 Hour       -   3 Euros

2 Hours     -   6 Euros

3 Huors     -   8 Euros

Half day    -   12 Euros

1 day        -   15 Euros

Family Bikes

Time & Price:

1 Hour       -   15 Euros

2 Hours     -   25 Euros

3 Huors     -   30 Euros

Half day    -   45 Euros

1 day        -   60 Euros



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Senhorita On Tour 

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Pedal Vehicles

Time & Price:

1 Hour       -   8 Euros

2 Hours     -   10 Euros

3 Huors     -   12 Euros

Half day    -   15 Euros

1 day        -   18 Euros