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 A "Tipfriend" will make you feel Lisbon with your 5 senses.
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I can show you a lot of beautiful spots that you won't find in the tourist books, because I love to explore the amazing nature of Portugal (beaches, countryside, etc).

Who are the Tipfriends? A group of local residents who know and love the city willing to share their experiences and knowledge with visitors and tourists. They dedicate their time to guide you through the city from a local perspective. The local customs, culture, history, entertainment, experiences, secrets and feelings that Lisbon offers its visitors.


Now, let us introduce you to some of our Tipfriends. 



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I’m a cultural guide for all Portugal, this is more than an occupation it is true love.

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Together we can go back to the medieval times or simply walk around and feel the soul of the city. A lot to do, see and feel together!

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Discover together with me the true soul of Lisbon. A city with an impressive History and a pulsating daily life.

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I love to show the beauty of my country, to get in touch with different people and other cultures!

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Beside the possibility of doing some shopping we will sample some typical eats and drinks so that you can truly capture the essence of being a Lisboeta!

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Let me make you fall in love with this corner of Europe enjoying the ocean, the river and all the other great things it has to offer, Sintra the capital of Romanticism is my specialty!!

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The best way to discover a region is by bicycle. It enables you to go further than by walking and see the attractons closer than by car!

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I'll be your Tipfriend to experience something aside the traditional tours and enjoy the alternative scene. 

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During my tour I would like to show you the most bright and "juicy" colors of this city, its unique places and give you some local tips.


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